Connect Google Drive

What is Unpkg ?

Unpkg is a free third-party service to connect your google drive. It allows you to quickly and easily use google drive files on blogs, websites, apps or any other platforms, just a URL like:




  1. We have not implemented Google oauth consent screen verification, so there will be an insecure warning when authorizing, but it does not affect the continuation.
  2. The authorization of Google Drive we requested from you is read-only scopes, so no files can be modified or deleted.
  3. You can revoke the authorization of Unpkg in your Google account at any time.


We are committed to using the Google Drive services more convenient and have no intention of collecting and disclosing your personal information. However, in the process of providing services, some information in your Google Account will inevitably be collected, it is limited to google email, and we will not disclose your email address to any third party.

As for the files on Google Drive, your authorization means anyone can access through unpkg (your specified folder only and read-only), its privacy depends on your choice. We will not and cannot collect such huge amounts of data. In fact, we recommend that you use Unpkg to connect to public static resources on Google Drive, such as js, css, fonts, icons, photos, figures etc.


For now, Unpkg is a small hobby project built and maintained by individuals. It's not affiliated with or supported by or Google Inc. In any way, please do not contact them for help with Unpkg drive connector. Instead, reach out to @openflake with any questions or concerns.